Selected Features

Connect with intuitive tools and custom apps

We provide intuitive management and communications tools designed to dramatically improve workflow and productivity by removing many of the technological hurtles encountered by today’s communications teams when trying to build and maintain web based communications channels and applications. Although we cater our solutions to the individual client, listed below are some of the more common features we offer.

WYSIWYG Editors – What You See Is What You Get

Easy to use Word like content editor allows users to quickly and easily add content to existing pages, or create entirely new pages. Web access allows content managers to work from virtually any location.

Database Driven Content Management

Quickly and effectively organize photos, video, blog entries, news, and general content.



Custom Development

Need special tools or widgets to connect to your users? Not a problem. Appean can deliver custom tools for your web based assets designed with your needs in mind.




Gain a better understanding of your site’s visitors with a full analytics package.



Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site’s search engine visibility with tools that empower your organization to quickly and easily edit urls, page names, and meta tags.



Page Design

Custom page templates designed to your organization’s specifications. Page templates reinforce your organization’s brand integrity by ensuring that all published materials conform to your specific design guidelines.


Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Create and manage personalized email campaigns from web form submissions, account registrations, or other data source.


Much More

Appean caters to the needs of your organization. We work with your team to develop a site with the form and function that your organization is looking for.