What We Do

Custom web, social media, and mobility tools and applications

Appean is a software development group providing a wide variety of customized tools and services for developing, monitoring, and maintaining a wide array of social media channels, web sites, web applications, and mobile applications. Below are some of the services that Appean offers. As no two solutions are alike, we work with you to determine what you need and when you need it.

Design & Architecture

First impressions are important and, for most, a website is an organization's first point of contact with the public. Appean will work with your team to create a unique design that conveys an image that remains true to your unique identity. Furthermore, we will work hard to ensure that your brand remains consistent across your entire catalog of web and application assets.

Content Development

Creating engaging and dynamic content is one of the most important ingredients to marketing a successful site today. We can help. Whether you’re looking for help creating daily content for a blog or website, or simply need assistance in transferring material from an existing website or publication to a new site, we’re here to assist you. We analyze your existing site and/or printed materials and help you make decisions on content and structure.

Web Platform Development

Designing a great looking website is only part of the battle. Great sites pay as much attention to business considerations as they do the aesthetic. Appean utilizes a state of the art enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) to remove the technological barriers from the work of maintaining a complex online marketing and messaging network. Database driven tools for managing video, news, blogs, and general content ensure that managing and maintaining your online materials is as simple as possible.

Web & Application Development

At its heart, Appean is a web development firm. We specialize in delivering custom web solutions that can’t be had out of the box. After all, your organization is unique and your solution should be too. Whether its designing specialized ‘Widgets’ for your organization’s website, such as an RSS feed or social media monitor, or a fully fledged web application, we have the expertise to tailor our work to your specific needs.

Social Media Management

Social media is providing organizations a way to interact with their customers that was previously impossible. Unlike traditional media channels, social media channels such Facebook and Twitter enables organizations to communicate directly with their constituents. However, managing these channels can be a daunting task. Appean can help you develop, monitor, and maintain your social media channels.

Training & Support

It is important that your organization’s staff is comfortable not only with the product but also with the array of tools at their disposal to manage and maintain it. We provide onsite training, live webinars, email and phone support to ensure that you get your questions answered.