Web Platform Development

Stay connected and relavent with state-of-the-art Content Management Systems

Designing a great looking website is only part of the battle. Great sites pay as much attention to business considerations as they do the aesthetic. After all, what’s the point of launching a site if it is nearly impossible for your communications staff to update and maintain?

Appean utilizes a state of the art enterprise level Content Management System (CMS) to remove the technological barriers from the work of maintaining a complex online marketing and messaging network. Database driven tools for managing video, news, blogs, and general content ensure that managing and maintaining your online materials is as simple as possible. Workflow management allows your organization to create an approval structure to ensure that your managed site maintains your exacting standards. Finally, an intuitive simple to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) content editor allows non-technical staff to contribute to your websites without burdening your IT staff.

Our customized Content Management System provides an intuitive, powerful, easy to use platform for managing your organization’s web assets empowering your communications staff to do what they do best, communicate.